Conversational AI

AI powered conversations

AI can support great conversations across all your channels, leveraging the latest breakthroughs to build quality chatbots and voicebots.

Unlock benefits such as 24/7 availability, cost reductions, time savings and the generation of valuable data insights from your conversations with users, enabling you to achieve business optimisation and improved knowledge management.

We are here to assist you in harnessing the power of conversational AI.

Conversational AI (CAI) is a capability that can understand the intention of customers – across all channels.



How CAI adds value

Across all channels

Channel conversion

This enables CAI to support self-service and automate low-value conversations. CAI introduces fully automated channels such as voicebots and chatbots, thereby increasing availability while decreasing costs.

More than just “a chatbot”

CAI capabilities can provide support across multiple channels but are often limited to just meaning “a chatbot”. The key is to leverage your underlying language models across channels to optimise value. A chatbot is just one manifestation of the underlying capability.

Efficient resource utilisation

Deploy your best resources – your advisors and agents – in high-value conversations. Integrated channel handover ensures that you do not leave sales or sensitive interactions to automated dialogues. Use CAI internally to support onboarding and reduce internal time spent on searching for information or asking a colleague for help.

How CAI adds value
How we help


Generative chatbots as internal knowledge bases

Many companies have extensive internal knowledge databases stored in systems like SharePoint or even email servers. But getting an overview can be incredibly difficult, especially for new employees, resulting in long, frustrating and complex onboarding processes.

Using these knowledge bases, it is possible to augment a generative AI chatbot with a company-specific context without retraining. By leveraging common search technologies and advanced prompt engineering, we are able to infuse a company context at query time during conversations with users.

Using the system, users can ask open-ended natural language questions. The system is then able to ask the knowledge database and instantly contextualise the answer within the company-specific environment.

This will provide a significantly improved onboarding experience, dramatically increasing employee productivity as well as time-to-productivity for new employees.