Quality assurance, test and DevOps


We help you ensure quality all the way from business ideation to IT operations and end-user value delivery. We offer excellent consultancy in all aspects of quality, testing and DevOps.


We truly believe that in order to achieve significant results, a practical 360-degree approach is required.


We design and implement efficient DevOps processes, enabling a CI/CD approach in your teams and organisation.


We work with your business analysts, developers, architects and end users to ensure that quality is built in through hand-on test management and thorough manual and automatic testing.


We encourage and guide the business, IT development and operations to go on one common journey together.


We help you tie all this together.

Different parts of the organisation have different perspectives on what is important in order to achieve business results and goals.


We help you bridge the gap in your organisation using a bottom-up approach

What we do

At The Tech Collective, we use our combined strengths in terms of experience and deep technical know-how to help our clients do the same. We can help you carry out a variety of different roles.

Our speciality and passion are built on quality and efficiency. We have a very practical approach to making things happen, whether it is developing and managing a test team, implementing DevOps and automation or delivering specialised tooling support.

Our goal is to create your success. We want to create the foundation for increased quality, speed and value in your organisation – even after we have left.


We help you bridge the gap in your organisation using a bottom-up approach

Test process improvement and test management

We can take care of quality assurance and testing in your organisation. Whether it is a large SAFe set-up with several teams and activities or a small Scrum team focused on their own deliverables, we can assist you in test management, mentoring and coaching in relation to test processes through best practice concepts.


We can deliver professional hand-on test management of high quality, creating the foundation for securing the quality of your projects and programmes.


We are deeply specialised in this field and always take a general business perspective to ensure the right amount of effort on the right things.

DevOps and automation

We can do the practical work of setting up automation in your development pipeline or help your developers do the same. We can identify and lead initiatives on improving your development process by helping with branching strategies, release strategies, static code analysis, automated testing frameworks and all other parts of your release process. We can advise on tooling and technology and help you get started.


To us, DevOps is much more than optimising “the handover” from development to operations. We consider DevOps an A-Z process which involves all people in the value chain from idea to realisation.

Tool administration, configuration and support

We can help you set up and configure your work management tools such as Jira or Confluence. We can support you in the daily use and administration of it. We are the experts who can answer all the complex “how can I” questions. We can train you in supporting and administering yourself – or we can do it for you.


Automation is key. If you are working agile, automation is a necessity. Whether we are talking development tools or tools for automating your tests, we can help you get up to speed as well as advise you on how to optimise and shape your tooling landscape.


Tools are meant to support the process, not the other way round. If something is wrong with the process, we help you fix this first. “Keep it simple” – we want to get down to the core of your needs when setting up and configuring your tools. “You don’t need what you don’t need”.



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