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Enterprise Content Management is all about optimising your organisation’s digital transformation process. The objective of the ECM platform is to reduce compliance risk and to improve efficiency and productivity within your organisation. All while being intuitive and easy-to-use.

It is crucial that your ECM platform supports your digitisation strategy by focusing on supplier independence and employee involvement and empowerment.


Shaping standard technology to solve business-specific needs

At The Tech Collective, we want to change the way we all see business applications. And so we aim to empower and support you to explore and make full use of the opportunities already available in your existing ECM platform.

By co-creating with you, your individual business needs can be reflected in the specific solution with a digital workplace where user interfaces with digitised and automated workflows reflect each employee's day to day work reality. 

Shaping standard technology to solve business-specific needs

WorkZone – re-think the entire business application agenda

WorkZone is a platform that offers you a replacement for a broad variety of legacy systems and an easy way to digitise new areas of business. The WorkZone platform does this through vast configuration capabilities, and a strong suite of add-on modules. In the platform, you can configure individualised business support for different parts of your business while securing compliance, easy use of data and a consistent user experience.


The WorkZone platform is continuously developed and upgraded in order to bring new value and to stay safe and compliant as part of an ecosystem with Microsoft Azure, Oracle, MS Office 365 and other system components or integration points.


Our deep WorkZone experience and insight spans capabilities and integrated 3rd party applications, enabling us to help you digitise, optimise and single-handedly build business applications for specific purposes.


Together with Implement Consulting Group we can ensure both digitisation gains and empowerment for your organisation.


Agile co-creation and developing by doing


Not much in the world is static. Especially not in the digital space. The closer we can work together, in short change sprint cycles, the more dynamic our solutions are.


Together we repeatedly analyse, model, configure, implement and evaluate to ensure a close connection between your business objectives, the development process and your end-users.


This approach with a configurable ECM Platform like WorkZone ensures quick results no matter whether you deal in projects, buildings, contract lifecycle management, public case handling, animal control, criminal investigation etc.

The configuration and business object modelling capabilities in WorkZone make it possible to customise solutions to your business needs and in the right context.


Whether it is projects, buildings, contract management, animal control, criminal investigation etc., your organisation can utilise the same platform – and by revisiting the solution through data analysis, you can continuously improve and change it without lengthy, risky and costly IT-development processes.

  • Business Object Modelling – core entities in the WorkZone data model can be configured into any business object with metadata, rules, validation, and relationships to express a specific business need.
  • Configure & use – with the relevant business objects in place, the platform and user interface are configured so employees and stakeholders can relate to it and provide the optimal foundation for a digital transformation.
  • Model business processes – adaptive process management is a whole new way of seeing processes that support, and interact with, business needs.
  • Create interactions – configure structured dialogues that can be applied to self-service portals for external or internal data collection or interaction with implemented processes.
  • Implement automation – implemented processes are automated in the platform and driven by rules and data.
  • Analyse, evaluate & improve – dashboards monitor business processes to ensure goals are met and process information analysed to identify improvement potentials.

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