Salesforce architecture

Online event

How do you ensure a successful Salesforce implementation through robust architecture?

Like most IT projects, Salesforce implementations can quickly turn sour and become costly. So how can you ensure that this does not happen in your project? We believe that robust architecture is one of the key elements to achieve success.

A series of webinars on Salesforce implementation excellence

We will host a series of three webinars on Salesforce implementation excellence, focusing on the key elements in any Salesforce implementation.

We will approach the key elements through “anti-patterns”.

Often, we approach a topic through best practices. Anti-patterns are the opposite of that. These are patterns that we see in many projects which might seem like a good idea to begin with, but which, over time, have a negative impact on the project’s success.

Join us for this first webinar where we will focus on the topic of Salesforce architecture.
At the event, you will hear a success story from the customer side and get insights into how they managed to leverage their architecture.

Joining the event, you will gain:

  • A clear understanding of the role of architecture in Salesforce implementations.
  • Tools enabling you to identify common architecture mistakes.
  • Best practices for creating a robust architecture.

You sign up for the event via Implement's website